Paula + PJ, Omaha // Auckland Wedding Photographer

Auckland Wedding Photographer, Omaha

Paula & PJ's wedding was definitely one I will never forget. Such crazy belly laughs with the groomsmen giving a lot to laugh at. From thinking rescue drops were meant to be put in the eyes to stop tears (hilarious), to splitting his pants during the portrait & bridal party session, there were times I had to rest my cheeks from laughing so much! The jokes were pulled out, the banter was strong, and these American lads sure know how to have a good time. But amongst that all, there was a lot of love floating around on the day 

Paula rocked out one awesome dress, they had a very unconventional wedding, which was sweet! No first dances and they wanted to have a first look so we headed over to Big Omaha Wharf in Whangateau, it was a super special moment followed by some champagne and photos with the bridal party. Being a surfer from California, PJ's love for the beach is strong so they chose to have a barefoot ceremony on the south side of Omaha Beach. The reception was at a holiday home and the whole vibe on the day was chilled and intimate, right up my alley. Always good to be able to get out for some sunset shots too

Wedding Photographer in Omaha, Auckland // Justin Aitken Photographer