I am married to a special woman who I love dearly, if it weren't for her solid support, I probably wouldn't be here doing this. She keeps me grounded, she is my anchor! Her infectious smile, beautiful personality and positive energy changed my life for the better. We are a young family with two amazing kids (and another one on the way) who keep our life hectically busy and full of laughs. In their short time on earth they have taught me that I can live with (a lot) less sleep. All in all we're just a crazy little family who are extremely unsuccessful at keeping any part of the house tidy

A good few years ago, I realised that I needed to feed my love for creating art, so I pulled out half way through a computer networking degree (great career move!) to pursue my own photography business. It was a tough choice at the time but it was definitely the right one. It's been an interesting, exciting and challenging ride so far and I've made a lot of new friends along the way

I have a crazy passion for music (and guitars). I enjoy surfing, cooking and watching movies (when Peppa Pig isn’t on the TV). The beach and ocean is my happy place. I get overly excited about good food and my morning coffee. I love the landscape, especially the New Zealand landscape, I’m a sucker for love and connection, and I crave beautiful light

I don't want to yarn on about my gold awards, qualifications, years of experience and all of that other jazz, because none of it really matters if I don't create art and photographs that people will love. And that's always my intention, while growing as an artist, keeping up to date with the times and capturing important memories for you. I strongly believe that it's my job to create images that mean the world to you. Art that you will fall in love with. Art that you will treasure. Forever and ever

I started out my photography journey covering live music concerts, photographing some of the best live shows from bands such as Metallica, Coldplay, John Mayer & Santana. I now specialise in weddings and portraits. I chose weddings because they are extremely fun days, a single wedding covers so many genres of photography, and no wedding is ever the same. They are also jam-packed full of emotion and nerves, which excites me!

I have a relaxed yet very attentive approach to my work. It’s all about fun, laughter, good times and affection - this all fuels my desire for capturing weddings, and delivering more than expected to my customers, every single time.

Want to know more? Or catch up for a chat over a coffee (or beer) - just drop me a line here

Thanks for reading :)

Wedding Photographer in Tauranga, and New Zealand wide