Just a few questions answered on this page, if you still have questions after reading these, please don't hesitate to ask

1) DO YOU HAVE EXAMPLES OF FULL WEDDING DAYS? - I sure do! You can see some of my full weddings here. These are obviously just a selection of images from the day from start to finish (i.e. you get way, way more photos than that)

2) DO YOU PHOTOSHOP EVERYTHING? - I apply edits for exposure, contrast, colours etc. Sure - I sprinkle some magic sauce over your images to make them look awesome too, but I don't do any slimming, skin softening, cosmetic manipulation or unrealistic stuff. It's just not my style. And trust me you don't need it anyway - you are already beautiful, and you will be even more so on your big day!

3) WHERE ARE YOU BASED? AND DO YOU TRAVEL? - I am based in Tauranga, and yes I definitely do travel! It's not unusual for me to be in the South Island, Northland, Auckland, Taranaki, Tauranga and Taupo all in the same month (mixed with a bit of international travel too). So no matter where your wedding is going to be, we can figure out the best travel options for you

4) HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET OUR PHOTOS? - Anywhere between 4-10 weeks. If its at the beginning of the wedding season you're looking closer to 4 weeks (or possibly even earlier). But if it's in the middle of Summer or coming to the end of the wedding season, you're probably looking closer to the 8-10 week mark. Running a business takes up time, I also have a lovely wife and 3 kiddies who keep me very busy, so I try and balance work and family life as best I can. I definitely don't rush working on your photos either, they are far too important (to both of us). I go through every single photograph 1 by 1 to ensure I am happy, and this unfortunately doesn't happen overnight. But don’t worry, you’ll get a good few teaser images along the way ;)

5) HOW MANY PHOTOS WILL WE GET? - Each wedding is so different and it's never the same amount, it obviously also depends on which coverage option you go for, if I am at your wedding for longer it of course means more photos created. You will get all the photos from the day though, with no limits! Unless you are halfway through a blink or there are two images the same. I remove any double ups or test shots and after that, you'll get them all. For full day packages, you can expect anywhere around 800+ photos (or more)

6) WHAT IF IT RAINS? - Yes, sometimes it rains on wedding days. There isn't a heck of a lot we can do other than just work with what we've got. In most cases we can find some shelter and if it's hard rain, we usually just take cover where we can (sometimes even in our cars) until it eases off or stops. On all the rainy weddings we've had, it's actually added a really awesome atmosphere and vibe to the day, and everyone still has heaps of fun. If you embrace it no matter what the weather is like, you'll have a great time :)


8) DO YOU WATERMARK OUR PHOTOS? - No way. I want people to look at your photos and appreciate them, without distractions or obtrusive logos

9) I'VE HEARD ABOUT THIS COPYRIGHT STUFF! WHATS THE DEAL? - There are so many laws, rules, and then things that people think they know. But i'll tell you in simple English how it works here in little ol' NZ (and how it works with me as your photographer). Copyright is simply something we both own. You can do whatever you want with your photos (after all, they are yours). You can print them, Facebook them, get a giant canvas made and hang it in your home etc etc. What isn't cool though, is to use the photos for any financial gain i.e. selling them or making money out of them for yourself

10) CAN WE MEET YOU? - Absolutely. Any excuse for another coffee (or beer/whiskey/wine)! I really love meeting new people so if you are close to Tauranga or fancy a drive from wherever you are, i'm all for it. I can do Skype calls too if you want. Some of my wedding couples meet me and do their e-shoot at the same time

11) WHAT IS THIS 'E-SHOOT' YOU SPEAK OF? - Eshoot = Engagement shoot. It's a great way for us to get to know each other before your big day. You also get photos that are different to your wedding ones (some of my favourite photographs of my wife and I are from our engagement shoot). You'll get an idea of the way I work too, and then we'll be BFF's afterwards ;)

12) DO WE HAVE TO FEED YOU ON THE WEDDING DAY? - Yes please! After so many hours of cameras glued to our faces, we get hangry too :) Seriously though, there is no time for us to leave and get food, if we do we might miss covering something important, so a main meal for me and anyone on my team is needed. We don't need starters or dessert. We also don't need to be seated at a table. Just a main meal and a spot around the corner is fine for us

13) SERIOUSLY, I'M NOT GOOD AT POSING AND MY PARTNER HATES THE CAMERA TOO. CAN YOU HELP US? - I'm going to brag a little here but one of the things I am good at is my ability to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. I give good direction and if something doesn't look right, i'll fix it up quickly. It's less about posing and more about having fun. I definitely won't ask you to do cheesy or silly things.  It'll be fun, you'll laugh (and maybe even cry some happy tears), don't worry - you'll look amazing!

14) DO YOU OFFER PRINTS OR ALBUMS? I'VE HEARD QUEENSBERRY ARE THE BOMB! - Yes! I offer Queensberry & Momento albums along with beautiful fine art prints as additional items. Most of my couples get in touch about this after they have received their wedding photos (albums are always a good thing to use any wedding gift money on)

15) CAN WE HAVE A SECOND PHOTOGRAPHER? AND IS IT WORTH IT? - Yes you can, a second photographer can be added to your package if you want. The benefit of it is that we can be in two different locations when there is not enough time for one photographer to cover both (e.g. getting ready locations). You also get photos with a different perspective and viewpoint. You'll probably also get a few more candid shots of your guests etc. It's not for everyone, and some of the benefits above won't be important to you. For this reason, you have the option to add a second photographer, or not. A large % of my wedding couples have just me at their wedding, and have been more than stoked with the images they got. I’m very confident with photographing a wedding on my own. So chat to each other to see if a second photographer is what you want/need/can afford. It's totally your call :)

16) HOW DO WE BOOK YOU? - A deposit and signed agreement secures your date for you. Both of these things can be done easily online

17) CAN WE MAKE A PENCIL BOOKING? - Yes you can, however I do work on a 'first in first served' basis. Meaning that I only confirm a solid booking once an agreement has been submitted and a deposit has been received. To ensure you get your date booked in, it's best to act quickly before someone else does :)

18) WHAT ARE YOUR PRICES? - I thought you'd never ask ;)

I'd love to hear about you both, and your plans for your wedding day. To see if your date is available, get in touch here and I will send you a full wedding package and price list

If you have any other questions that aren't answered here, i'd love to hear and answer them, just contact me