Think Tank Photo Camera Bags // Airport Advantage Review

Think Tank Airport Advantage - Review

The good folks at Think Tank have created yet another beaut of a bag. One problem I have always had with bags in general, is that they are often so heavy. Enter the new ThinkTank Airport Advantage. My first impression when picking up this bag, is that it's so light! The problem when travelling on planes, with camera gear and hand luggage weight restrictions, is that usually the bag itself weighs so much. This bad boy comes in at just 2.7kg, and it’s still a whole lot of bag

I love my Airport Take Off (3.9kg) which is slightly bigger and heavier, but on smaller planes and domestic flights, I often have to squeeze it into the overhead compartment while looking rather sheepish (like our good friend Greg Focker)

When you’re talking an allowance of just 7kg in total from the airlines, the extra 1.2kg makes a big difference. Especially when you consider that's just the weight of the bag only - without any of your equipment in yet

So in testing it out, I have managed to fit 2 X DSLR Bodies with attached lenses, another 5 lenses, a speedlite flash, + bits and bobs that I always carry around (spare batteries, memory cards etc etc)

It also has a sleeve for a 15’ laptop. This is important for me as every time I travel, I take my laptop with me - as i’m sure most travelling photographers out there do

It has some other little pockets and a slot on the side which could fit a travel tripod

5 reasons why I love this bag:

1) It's thin

2) It's lightweight

3) Fits a lot of my gear in, + more...

4) Feels solid and sturdy

5) Carry handles on the top and the side

6) Solid, lockable zips

7) It has wheels!

So that was 7 things, but I personally rate Think Tank bags as some of the best on the planet. I'm always confident that my gear is protected and safe inside these bags

I reckon that not only will this be the bag I use to travel with, it will also be my main bag i'll use for wedding photography

This is the 5th Think Tank bag I have. If you haven't invested in a Think Tank bag yet, definitely put it on your Christmas list!

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