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I'm delighted that you are considering investing in a Queensberry album. If you have heard about Queensberry, you will already know that they are, without contest, the best of the best. There is a reason why wedding photographers worldwide choose Queensberry to supply their albums. They are elegant and hand made (checkout this cool little video). They are stunning. They are a deluxe piece of art. They are a quality that you won't find anywhere else in the world. They really are beautiful products, that will hold the photographs your families and generations will cherish forever. For these reasons, we have chosen only to create and work with Queensberry albums, as they are made to stand the test of time. Your album will be no different! Your wedding day story, told beautifully, just as it happened

Our Queensberry albums are priced accordingly for the high quality items that they are, and of course the amount of work that goes into the designing and planning of them

It is the perfect product to invest in with your gift registry money, with an option to order parent & gift albums at a very reasonable cost too (lowering the cost per album)

Or maybe you want to surprise your other half with an awesome wedding anniversary gift ;-)

- Your Handcrafted Queensberry Album
- Genuine Leather Cover
- FREE Queensberry Presentation Box
- FREE Queensberry Soft Velvet Bag
- FREE Delivery NZ wide
- Included changes to album design

 Genuine Leather Cover

Genuine Leather Cover

 Queensberry Presentation Box

Queensberry Presentation Box

 Queensberry Soft Velvet Bag

Queensberry Soft Velvet Bag

All album pages are Flushmounted, meaning they are printed edge to edge with medium-weight thickness. It's a beautiful, bold and contemporary way to present your album. All pages are double sided, meaning that if you choose an album with 20 pages, there will be 40 sides

30 pages (60 sides) is the maximum amount you can get in a Flushmount album


We print only on Fine Art Paper. It is a high quality premium inkjet paper, with professional archival and conservation quality

Fine Art prints offer exceptional colour and detail. Skilled print makers and high quality paper stocks ensure that the precision, consistency and quality delivered matches the care taken to create the photographs. Every step is subject to strict scrutiny, and monitored closely from start to finish. Prints will stand the test of time, and you can take pride in knowing that your album is created at the highest standard

We offer only the finest top grain genuine leather, the best of it's kind with excellent durability. Made from the finest hides, selectively cut and processed to enhance and project their quality. Leather is a natural material, and the appearance of each album varies with texture, grain, range marking and density. It is this individuality, together with its durability and luxurious handling qualities, that gives genuine leather its appeal - and that distinguishes it from man-made look-a-like alternatives

You have choice of many different colours, all in genuine leather. Classic colours are supreme quality top grain leather, produced from nest hides and very soft to touch, with occasional markings that prove their natural origins. Contemporary colours are specially made for Queensberry Albums by French artisan tanneries. There are a variety of contemporary and classic colours available, something to suit everybody. Once you order your album you will be able to select which cover colour & option you prefer

There are 4 options for the design of your cover:

- Plain
- Embossing (no photo), or
- Photo only
- Text only

Embossing is an extra $55
*Note - if wanting an embossed album cover, we cannot include photos on the front cover with the embossing, due to the nature of the embossing process





 Photo only

Photo only

 Text only

Text only

PRICES : (All prices are in NZD, and are inclusive of GST)

14 x 10 inch (36cm x 25cm)
2 album design changes
20 Pages (40 sides) = $2285
25 Pages (50 sides) = $2630
30 Pages (60 sides) = $2960

12 x 12 inch (30cm x 30cm)
1 album design change
20 Pages (40 sides) = $2255
25 Pages (50 sides) = $2615
30 Pages (60 sides) = $2975

10 x 10 inch (25cm x 25cm)
1 album design change
20 Pages (40 sides) = $1790
25 Pages (50 sides) = $2060
30 Pages (60 sides) = $2330

8 x 8 inch (20cm x 20cm)
1 album design change
20 Pages (40 sides) = $1495
25 Pages (50 sides) = $1710
30 Pages (60 sides) = $1915

* A rough estimate of how many photos you can expect in your album:
- 20 page album - approx 120 photos
- 25 page album - approx 135 photos
- 30 page album - approx 150 photos

Parent Albums are small-scale replicas of your album (layouts are copied as close as possible). They can be ordered as optional extras only, and are also made with Flushmount pages

They come at a very reasonable price. They do have to be ordered at the time of ordering your album, and cannot be ordered afterwards.

The cover material of Copy Albums is matched to your album, but the covers are plain and un-padded. We can't replicate the cover details due to size limitations, but we can replicate full photo fronts. Parent Albums are presented in velvet bags (i.e. with no box included)

Parent Albums are available in 5-inch, 7-inch and 10-inch (13cm, 18cm and 25cm) sizes. Those measurements refer to the longer edge (width) of the album. The other dimension will vary depending on the aspect ratio of the original album.

To give you an idea, for example, if you chose a 14x10 inch album, the parent album options would be 10x7 inch, 7x5 inch, or 5x3.5 inch. And if you chose a 10x10 inch album, the parent album options would be 10x10 inch, 7x7 inch, or 5x5 inch

We cannot do Parent Albums larger than 10-inch


1 x 10-inch = $775
2 x 10-inch = $1240 (Save 40%)
1 x 7-inch = $585
2 x 7-inch = $935 (Save 40%)
1 x 5-inch = $395
2 x 5-inch = $635 (Save 40%)

If a Parent Album does not suit, and you would prefer an exact copy of your own album, you will receive 15% discount off the duplicate

Once you have ordered your album, you will be dealing directly with my album designer, Jess Lowcher. Jess has a wealth of experience in wedding album design, and has recently been involved in creating her own children's book called Queenie Waihine.

Due to the hand made nature of the creation of your album, along with the dedicated design and image selection process involved, the average turnaround time for albums is up to 2 months, from the time of ordering

- Free Delivery valid for NZ deliveries only
- International deliveries incur a shipping cost (worked out on size + weight of album/s)
- International payments can be made via Paypal or credit card, but do incur a 5% fee (from Paypal)
- Additional changes beyond what is included, incurs a cost of $25
- Payment to be made in full prior to start of album design

If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to call me on 021 587 743 or Email: info@justinaitken.com

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